Skills Development

Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a systematic approach being developed and adopted by Bowls Canada Boulingrin to maximize athlete potential and participant involvement. The LTAD framework aims to define optimal training, competition and recovery based on biological age rather than chronological age and thus takes into account early entry and late entry sport participants. It is athlete centered, coach driven and administration, sport science and sponsor supported.

By tailoring an athlete’s/participant’s instruction, coaching and training to the development of fundamental physical literacy skills and sport technical skills we are best positioning the participant to:

  • Reach full potential
  • Increase lifelong participation in bowls and other physical activities
  • Improving health and well-being


Social Bowler

1 Learn and practice jack setting, controlling length, bowling to centre line
2 Introduce and practice draw shot

3 Introduce mat placement
4 Learn basic rules, game structure, scoring and etiquette

Club Player

1 Demonstrates point of aim using reference points
2 Performs shots to the standards outlined for the club competitor
3 Develops ability to deliver to targets
4 Refines weight adjustment skills